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Photographic Society of America

New England Camera Club Council

photo.net web service

Nature Photographer Magazine

Outdoor Photographer Magazine

Arthur Morris–"Birds as Art"

Neal Parent Photography

Triad Outdoor Photographers Club

Foster Imaging

Extreme Macro Photography


Photography Education


Adobe CC Intro

The Maine Photo Workshops

Norman Koren Photography

Dan Heller's Tutorial Series

Focus on Photography

Weekly Photography Tips Blog

Depth of Field (Joel's Presentation)

Competition Image Preparation

Mike Leonard's "After Dark" Notes(PDF)



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Patrisha McLean

Christopher Churchill

Monty Rand

Gary Stanley

Lawrence Whittemore

Terrell Lester


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Model Release Form-unpaid

Model Release Form-paid


"Sell Your Photos" Opportunities

From Nov 6, 2007 Weekly Photo Tips

Photopreneur Blog

FOTOSEARCH Stock Photography



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