Eastern Maine Camera Club

Developing Photographers

How do I get access to the members area of the new Eastern Maine Camera Club Web Site?

  1. Go to the web site which is at www.easternmainecameraclub.org
  2. In the top right corner of the Home Page is a link to “Register”
  3. Fill in the 5 blanks of the registration form
    1. User ID can be your email address if you want something to easily remember
    2. Email address must be the address you used when you paid your dues or we will not complete the authorization to use the members section of the site.
    3. Pick your own password to login to the site
    4. Confirm the password by typing it a second time
    5. Leave the Time Zone as Eastern Time
  4. Click the Create Account button.
  5. This creates an account which allows members and nonmembers to post comments to some of the blog and forum columns. But it does not allow access to the members only sections of the web site. Once a day we will check the new registrations against the paid members list and for members we will authorize access to the Members only areas. Unfortunately this is a manual step so there is a delay before you can get into those sections.
  6. The my account area will open automatically.
  7. In the Display Name blank please enter the name that our club members know you by. This will display with your blog comments and forum posts.
  8. Click the Profile Tab and you can tell us as much information about you as you want. Here you can also reference your own websites, and interests.

What is the difference between Registration and Membership Access.

  1. Registration allows users to post comments and feedback in Blogs and Forums
  2.  Membership access allows users to use the members only sections of the website.