Eastern Maine Camera Club

Developing Photographers

General Rules Summary

(NECCC schedules will be announced on Facebook and the newsletter emails that Don sends out)

Color and B&W Print Competitions

These are links to the rules posted on the NECCC website.

 Color Prints

 Black & White Prints

Digital Competition Basic Rules

1. Two categories—Pictorial (Open) and Nature

2. Only one photograph from each maker in each category.  Individuals may only compete from one club for the entire season.

3. All photographs MUST have a title!

4. Any photograph entered in a previous digital competition may NEVER be entered in a later digital competition.  A photograph entered in Pictorial may not be entered in Nature, and vice versa.  It is not allowed to rename an image so that it can be entered a second time. A maker is not allowed to enter a second image similar to one already entered regardless of title.  The exception is that photographs entered in print or slide competitions may be entered in the digital competition.

5. Capture of all photographs as well as any manipulation must be performed by the competitor.

6. Photographs will be scored over a 3 to 9 point range by each of three judges for a total range of 9 to 27 points.  Note that this may be different from other NECCC competitions where a 0 to 30 point total range may be used.

7. Properly prepared photographs must be submitted to Joel Holcomb in digital form by the dates listed below.

i. Images sized to 1024X768

ii. Jpeg format, sRGB color space

iii. Filename MUST include title, maker's name, and category (open or nature).  These can be in any order, as I will properly format the filenames before sending to NECCC, but they must be in the original filename or provided in the email you send them in.

8. Please Read the detailed rules provided by NECCC, below, for more information about the open and nature categories, allowable manipulation, and how to prepare your images.

Links to Detailed Rules for NECCC Digital Competitions

  NECCC Digital/Electronic Competition

(There are no file naming and email instructions in this document.  Just be sure to include your name, image title, and whether open or nature category, and email them to Joel Holcomb.)

   New for 2014-2015 Digital Competitions