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September 2, 2021 — The executive committee met tonight and decided that, with COVID-19 resurging due to the delta variant, we will continue holding our meetings via Zoom at least until the end of 2021. We will decide during the month of December if and when we will try to resume in-person meetings in 2022. A newsletter will be sent out soon with the Zoom meeting information.

September 9, 6:30 PM -  This will be a "Welcome to the new season" meeting, and will be held via Zoom. The meeting invitation will be sent to existing members, who are welcome to pass that on to anyone they think may be interested in joining the club.  We will discuss our plans for activities during the season, review annual awards that were presented last spring, and have a slide show of members' images taken during what field trips we've had during the pandemic.

If you are interested in joining EMCC you can get in touch with us using this link to the "Contact Us" form, or go directly to the member application form.

September 23 - EMCC Competition – Open  -

October 7 – EMCC Competition Nature  -

October  21 – Speaker - Colleen Miniuk - http://www.cms-photo.com/about.html

November 4 – Speaker - Benjamin Williamson -

November 18 – EMCC Competition – Animals -

December 2 - Speaker - Kara Thorndike - Kara Thorndike is a professional working in the arts and social sciences. She has an MA in sociology, an MFA from the University of Dundee, Scotland, and is beginning work on a PhD in Fine Art at Falmouth University in England. She uses both photography and sculpture to express her art. Photography will play an essential role in documenting the work on her PhD. Although she grew up on a farm in rural upstate New York, Kara now resides in Dundee, Scotland with her young son, Henry.

January 6 – Speaker - To Be Determined

January 20 – EMCC Competition – Historic Maine 

February 3 –  Speaker - To Be Determined

February 17 – EMCC Competition – "Abandoned" 

March 3 – Speaker - To Be Determined

March 17 – EMCC Competition Nature 

March 31 - Speaker - To Be Determined

April 7 – Speaker - To Be Determined

April 21 – EMCC Competition – Open 

May 5 - Speaker - To Be Determined

May 19 – Awards Night – 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM.  Other details will be provided by the end of April.


Definitions of competition topics:

If you are not sure whether the photo you wish to enter into any competition will meet the topic definition, feel free to ask the scorekeeper@easternmainecameraclub.org before submitting your entry.

Open:  Any subject matter in good taste is acceptable.  (Back to Top)

Nature: Images submitted in the nature category should not show any evidence of "the hand of man."  This includes, but is not limited to, such things as cut grass, cultivated flowers, bird feeders, roads, buildings, or jet contrails in the sky.  Exceptions are banded birds and animals whose natural habitat are man-made structures; e.g. barn swallows.  (Back to Top)

 Animals:  Photos of any animal or group of animals, either wild or domestic.  Humans or other items may be included, but your photo must be composed so there is no question the subject is the animal or animals.  Judges will be instructed to score lower or disqualify an image that does not adequately meet the topic definition.  (Back to Top)

 Historic Maine: Photos of any subject that is of historical significance to Maine and it's people. The subject should be recognizable as unique to Maine. Think ships and ship building, historical sites and buildings, historical land marks, Maine exhibits in museums, etc.

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 "Abandoned:"  Photos of any subject, thing, animal, or person, that is in a state of disuse, and/or has been left on it's own to deteriorate or decay.

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